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About the Middle Ages. Short info about medieval times. Early medieval Europe, church in medieval times, general characteristics of middle ages.

The period from 5th to 15 century in European history are called as medieval ages or middle ages. If you are a literature student you would have heard a lot of heroic and entertaining stories of people that lived during this era. The era started after the fall of Rome and not much improvements or advancements took place in the years that followed. This period became more popular also because of the Renaissance that took place in the 14th century. For the same reason people say this era stays in the history of Europe as a time period which didn’t give birth to great artists, scientists or leaders. But because it is during the later part of this era people started to see the kind of changes they were wanting to see – this era is actually a very significant one in European history.

medieval times

It was during the middle ages the Catholic Church became the mightiest of all the institutions. Even the kings and the queens used to depend a lot on the church and that did give them benefit in many different ways. The Church protected them with its power and also made them even more powerful. People had to spend 1/10th of their earnings on religious activities to the church. But the Church was exempted from paying any kind of taxes to anyone. Due to these reasons the Church became mightier than ever. Muslims as well got into power very soon. They united a major portion of the middle east. Cairo and Baghdad were some of the cities that saw vast improvements culturally as well as in an intellectual way because of the rise of the Islamic world. It was the Caliphs that controlled the Islamic cities and helped them foster in many different areas.

The medieval ages are known for art and architecture as well. By building huge cathedrals for the Church people used to show their devotion and love to the church. These structures were some of the tallest and biggest ones during the medieval period. Semi circular arches are found in these structures and they differentiate them from other forms of art of that time. The buildings, monuments and other types of architecture that were built this way were part of the Romanesque architecture. Gothic architecture as well prevailed during this time and it was considered to be lighter than Romanesque one which is mostly a lot heavier. It was during the 15th century, printing technology was invented thereby making it possible to print papers in printing press. Until then, even books were considered to be one form of art. In this era rural life was controlled by the laws of feudalism wherein the king would grant land, also known as fiefs to the bishops. The poor peasants who didn’t have any land of their own were known as serfs and they were the ones who used to do all the hard work on the land for the landowners.

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