Ironclad Movie Review

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Ironclad movie story: In 13th-century England, a small group of Knights Templar fight to defend Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John.

Ironclad Movie Review
Ironclad cast
James Purefoy as Thomas Marshal
Paul Giamatti as King John
Kate Mara as Lady Isabel
Jason Flemyng as Gil Becket
Vladimir Kulich as Captain Tiberius

Ironclad Movie review
This hack and slash classy English historical movie set in the year 1215, tells the mostly true story of the vile King John,played with wonderful abandon by the great actor Paul Giamatti with a perfect English accent,who for reasons to many for this review lays siege to Rochester Castle in Kent.

The castle looks the real deal, but it was built for the film in the beautiful countryside of Wales.The budget was small in USA terms,£20 million, but the film looks fantastic and belies it’s low budget.The main theme music by Paul Brady is beautiful.

The cast is the cream of British actors, the likes of James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi, Charles Dance and Jason Fleming.

Mackenzie Crook and new young actor Aneurin Barnard shine in supporting roles along with female lead Kate Mara. It is a very gory movie with proper stunt work rather than reliance on CGI.

If you like this sort of film, think a smaller version of El Cid, then your in for a treat. For reasons i don’t understand this cracking good film sat on a shelf for over a year to get a release. In my view, a must see.


Ironclad Trailer


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