Konigsberg-city of Teutonic Knights

Konigsberg-city of Teutonic Knights. Awesome place for historians and medieval fans. Konigsberg history and famous buildings. Medieval city travel guide.

Konigsberg-city of Teutonic Knights for the historians
The Konigsberg is known as a City of Teutonic Knights. In the historical times and events the value of this city is very prominent. The famous city was found by Czech king during crusades. Yes, in the last Middle Ages the capital was shifted to Berlin. According to the Teutonic order the Konigsberg was the capital of Prussia before Berlin. The name of this city was given because of the King’s Mountain present in this area. According to most of the local Germans the actual name of this city is Konigsberg (Konigsbarg). Other names include the Kunnegsgarbs, Krolewiec, Kaliningard and Karaliaucius.
Russian Kaliningrad has got the real recognition in the history. The name was given because of the Russian pronunciation. The city was called a universe city because it was founded in 1225 by the Teutonic Knights for the stay. The city was a main hub for the people coming from the Baltic region. On the other hand, this was a place of commerce and education that’s why most of the people got permanent residence in this area.

Short history of Teutonic knights

Important buildings in Konigsberg:

Konigsberg castle
The Konigsberg castle is one of the most important buildings in this city. The castle was present in a good condition before the World War 1. After the World War I the castle was completely damaged by the Russian troops. Later on the maintenance and redevelopment of the castle was done by the German government.

Konigsberg castle

The Konigsberg Cathedral:
This is another famous place or building in this city. The cathedral was dedicated to the royal families and peoples. Nowadays, this cathedral is present in a good condition and is a symbol of fame and royalty.

Konigsberg cathedral

The oldest church ion Konigsberg:
There was an oldest church in Konigsberg city. This church was developed in pre-historian times. According to most of the authors the church has great value for the ancient European religion.

The king’s gate:
The Konigsberg city has a famous big gate. This gate is called King’s gate. A great picture (taken in 19th century) of this gate explains the value and significance of Konigsberg city.

Konigsberg Kings Gate

If you like the medieval history and medieval architecture, Konisberg is a great idea for your next trip.


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