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A number of changes in art were introduced during the medieval times. In the early middle ages, the art that was commonly used was the Byzantine art. The early medieval time was known as the Dark Age. The artists of that time were the members of monasteries who used to make pietistic paintings.  The sculptures were highly avoided as they were against the religious norms. There were no dimensions of the Byzantine art. The figures used in the art were generally front-faced and the pieces of art seemed to have no perspectives. Long and narrow solemn faces were used.

The Western Europe was dominated by warring faction. The art during the early ages was hence restricted to religious paintings only.  Mostly mosaics and manuscripts were made. There was no concept of portrait painting at that time.

In the later phase of the Middle Ages, the gothic art emerged and during that time art flourished to a great deal.  The artists said goodbye to the art influences of Byzantium and Romanesque. The gothic art had the sculptures, metal work from bronze was common, bright colors were used and during that time stained glass windows became much prominent. Shadows and light were used in the art, mythological scene was depicted, and a new picturesque was created between the artists.

The medieval art was produced in a number of forms. Mosaics, stained galls, manuscripts, mosaics, sculptures, tapestries and fresco wall paintings were the common media of art. With time, when the rule in the Western Europe changed, a number of architectural changes were witnessed.  Cathedrals, monasteries, stone bridges, and castles were built with time.

The medieval theatre covered various plays and drama. There were masques, morality plays, liturgical dramas and mystery plays. Most of the plays and dramas had religious theme and a moral in the end. As literacy rate during the Middle Ages was quite low, the record of the plays and dramas was not especially common that during the early and high middle age period. During the late medieval period, drama and theatre started to flourish. The buildings constructed during that period were also destroyed and no remains are found because there were a lot of warfare and destruction during that time.

Romanesque architecture vs. Gothic architecture

Romanesque and Gothic architecture

Romanesque architecture

Romanesque architecture

Gothic architecture

Gothic architecture

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