Medieval Clothing

Medieval clothing and its progress with time. Medieval clothes and fashion. Clothing in medieval ages.

Medieval clothing

Medieval clothing like everything else in the middle ages was based on the feudal system. The status of people could be recognized by seeing the type of clothes they have worn. In Europe, there was a single common standard of clothing that used to vary as per the customs of the country and norms of the race that came to the refuge. There were some imitations in the fashion but each European state had its own clothing identity maintained. Clothing in Germany and Switzerland had heavy appearance. The English dresses on the other hand had the element of elegance.

As per the sumptuary law, there were different clothes for each social category. Only the wealthy people used to wear fashionable clothes. The laws made at the roman time restricted the common people to spend money on clothes.  The Roman women used to wear extremely tight clothes. Their clothes consisted of 2 tunics. Females also used to wear a long cloak on the clothes and their shoes used to be closed.  In 1200 AD, jewels of silver, gold, pearls and other precious gems and stones were also worn with clothes. The fur coats of the females used to trail on the ground. They used to wear hats with laces and embroidery mostly wire covered. In 1400 AD, long trails were shortened and sleeves became longer.  As the nobility had a lot of craze for fashion, many forms of fabrics were also introduced. Silk, satin and brocades were the most common fabric used.

Peasants and commoners used to wear a long dress made out of coarse wool. Linen gown underneath was wearing too. In the early mid age, the loose clothes were replaced by fit clothes.  The peasant women used to wear a tunic that could be converted into a dress. The upper part of the body was laced.  Leggings were worn by men and they even started to wear breeches under the tunics.

When the crusaders came, they brought a new style and fashion in clothing.  The tunic style was still in fashion but the hose was a new introduction by the crusaders.  People in the medieval times, rarely washed their outer clothes. They only used to wash the inner clothes.

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