Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe. Europe in middle ages. Medieval period in Europe. Medieval characteristics. Map of Europe in medieval times.

Medieval Europe was the middle age period in the European history that started from the 5th century and lasted till the 15th century. This period covers the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and then the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

Medieval Europe Map

Medieval Europe Map

Map of Medieval European Empires.

Castles, peasants, guilds, monasteries, cathedrals and crusades were common in this era. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church came into power because there was no government to unite the people. After the death of the last Prophet of the Muslims in 632, Islam emerged as a leading power in Europe. Many of the Muslim armies conquered most of the parts of the Middle East. The Islamic world of the Muslims turned out to be 3 times bigger than the Christendom.

At the end of the 11th century, the crusades were authorized by the Catholic Church in order to expel the Muslims from their lands. The crusaders were the people who used to wear red crosses on their coats.  They were the religious Christians. In 1095, the Christian armies attacked Jerusalem and lots of lives were lost. There was a lot of destruction too but the sad thing was that no one won.  The Crusaders were exposed to the Islamic culture after which they started to believe that there are some aspects common in both religions.

Cathedrals and monasteries were constructed in the medieval Europe. Cathedrals were the largest buildings of that time. They were built in the middle of the towns and the cities.  In 1200 AD, art and literature flourished in the Europe to a great extent. The church builders started to embrace a new architectural style called the gothic style. The buildings made according to this structure had huge stained glass windows. These structures seemed to be weightless. Monasteries started to write books and manuscripts.

The medieval Europe was divided into 4 regions, east, west, north and south. The Eastern Europe was the area where there was the influence of the ottoman, Carolingian and Byzantine Empire. It was majorly the Byzantine Empire. The Western Europe was dominated by the Roman Empire. The northern Europe included Germany, England, Greenland and Iceland. The southern Europe included Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Bosnia etc.

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