Medieval Knights

Medieval knights, knighthood and chivalry. All about the Medieval knight training. Knights in Middle ages.

Knight Knighthood training in Medieval was a really long process. As per the system of training for medieval knights, the training had to start from the early childhood time. Along with giving basic education and teaching good manners, they are also given training.

Knights actually belong to a noble class and they are a part of the military. However, all solders cannot become knights. If the soldiers do not have a wealthy status and there is no equipment, then that solider cannot become a knight. People from the poor class can still become a knight if they prove themselves to be the bravest in the battlefield. Female knights existed but they were very rare.

The first step on the path of knighthood is to become a page. At the age of 7, the medieval knight is sent to the castle of the Lord to serve as a page. Skills of archery, swordsmanship and horsemanship are taught there.

He then becomes a squire. They can start getting trained at the age of 10 years but most of the knights get the training at the age of 14 years. The training consists of making the squire strong, fit and skillful enough to use weapons. Knights must know how to fight as a part of the team of skilled horsemen and therefore they are provided with individual training too.  The squire has to take care of the horse of the knight, clean his stables, clean his weapons and polish his armor too. They are narrated in the stories of Arthur, Roland, Lancelot, Charlemagne and Percival.

When the squire reaches the age of 21, he is honored with the dubbing ceremony.  During the mediaeval times that ceremony was all about giving a blow to the neck and judging the courage, loyalty and bravery of the squire. In the 12th century, this ceremony was changed.  Religious chivalry made a part of the ceremony too where the squires were guaranteed that they will get a place in heaven for being loyal.

Medieval knights

Mounted knights in jousting.

The last phase was the knighthood training in which the medieval warrior is taught how to use the weapons in the siege warfare. This warfare was constructed as per the Chivalric rules in the Middle Ages.  The Squires had to work with strategy and understand all the options available in the castle to defend themselves.

The knight during his training is also exposed to extreme cold and heat. He is taught to survive in hunger and tiredness too.

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