Medieval Life

Medieval Life. Daily life in medieval ages. Medieval life of nobility, church and the commoners (peasants, serfs and freemen).

The medieval time is known as the Dark Age which started from 1066 and ended at 1485. This time is known as the most turbulent period in the European history.  The life and nature in Europe had gone through many changes since that time.

When the barbarian invaders from the North came to the Western Europe after the end of the Roman rule, they brought their culture and civilization. More invaders like moors, Vikings and Goths also brought changes in the nature of the life in Europe.

The Medieval life was dominated by the feudal system in which there were three classes after the king. The first class was the clergy, the second of the nobles and third of the serfs.  The jobs of the individuals influenced the quality of their lives to a great extent. Before the constructed of the castles, it was easy for any enemy to invade and attack the town at night.The Vikings used to raid over the small towns that could not do anything against this cruelty.  When castles started to build, then life in Europe became a little secure. Thousands of castles were built just to provide protection to the inhabitants. The quality of life of the peasants who were tired of sudden attacks improved a lot.

Medieval life

These castles however led to other problems. Mostly, the farmers used to live outside the castles while the nobles used to live inside them.  Hygiene problem was created. As the farmers had to enter and leave the castles, they used to bring germs with them that caused diseases.  The nobles did not use to take baths. So hygiene was a major issue.

Life inside the castle was as hard as life outside the castle. Though they offered protection to the people but they used to be quite cold.  If someone was sick, then because of the atmosphere of the castle, he was asked to leave.  During the war times, the life of the people inside the castle used to get miserable.  The enemies used to cut the water supply, there were problems related to shortage of food and if someone gets sick then there was no treatment available.

Medieval life of nobility
Nobility owned the land and castles. They lived from taxes and vages collected from commoners. Nobility was amilitary class. Their main duty was to support king in his fights. The knights spent time in training, hunting and tournaments. War was a huge business for the medieval knights, they collected booty and ransoms during medieval wars and battles. Nobles were also responsible for keeping the land safe, they were
Nobles were responsible for law enforcement and justice. If they committed a crime they often avoided a punishment by paying a compensation. They could be punished or executed by a more powerful noble or by king if they caused a harm to their interests. Nobles were executed by sword which was a honorable death in medieval times.

Nobility Life

Medieval life of church
Church owned lands like anobles, they are got several gifts from nobility and king, church collected various taxes and fees from commoners.
Church members were responsible for education, health care a for church stuff. They were the most educated calss in middle ages. Their daily duties were: book rewriting, prayers, care of sick people, works in gardens, production of a medicine drugs.
There was not a social security system and planned health care in middle ages. The situation was different in various areas and countries. Some nobles and kings took care of poor commoners but other rules simply ignored them.
Some church orders and even military knight orders like Knights Hospitaller took care of sick. For example Czech Order of Knights with Red Star built network of medieval hospitals in Czech, German and Austrian lands. Monasteries also took care of sick and helpless people. Franciscan order was the significant authority who took care of people during Black Death.

Medieval Life: church

Medieval life of commoners
Life of commoners was stereotypic and not easy in medieval ages. Commoners, serfs, peasants were property of king, nobles or church. Their land was only rented and belonged to their owners. Most time was spent on land to generate some food but a few days in week and during harvest they worked also on land of nobles.
Medieval serfs had no rights and no any personal freedom. Marriages outside of noble area were not allowed because it was lost of manpower for the local lord. The only way out was a high tribute.
Word of commoner was nothing in middle ages. Discipline was kept by cruel punisment, toruture and public executions of a potential rebels. Life of commoner belonged to landlord.
The only cultural events in life of medieval peasants were church visits, local festivals and holidays. Comoners had nearly no chance to get an education. The only way was to join the church.
Serdom decline came in some countries after Black death epidemy but it became even worse in 17th nd 18th centuries in central Europe (German lands) due the lack of manpower after heavy civilian loses caused by 30 years war.

Medieval life

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