Agora Movie Review

Agora movie review. Conflict of the ancient knowledge and medieval dark ages. Agora movie is story of Hypatia, the excellentAlexandrian woman philosopher, who was killed, supposedly by a mob of “Christians,” in the year 415 AD.

Agora movie

The Agora Movie was launched for the viewers in October 19, 2010. The movie has a run time of 2 hours and 6 minutes. The MPAA rating of this movie is R because of Some Violence. Let’s find some interesting facts about the Agora movie.

Ancient science x early medieval dark ages:
Agora is a famous movie telling us about the early medieval dark ages. The movie has a story surrounds around the Roman Empire and their activities. Some part of this movie was completed in Roman Empire. They added the Alexandria in this movie in order to show that there were impressive buildings and creatures in this famous city. The main focus of this movie is Serapeum. It was a popular temple for the Serapis, a God. The most important fact about the temple is the presence of biggest library. This library was destroyed by the Christians in 391. It was a great moment of loss for the world because this library was full of thousands of book, may be a biggest collection of books on this earth.

In this movie, the Hypatia is a teacher who trained students about the astronomy. She works on an important scientific theory that the Earth orbits around the sun. Orestes (Oscar Isaac) tries several times to court her by using different means but Hypatia rejects the Orestes in a truly nasty way. One of her slave Davus sexually assaults the Hypatia. In meantime the Orestes and Davus turned into Christians and help her when she was accused by the government for the witch hunt.

Agora cast and characters:
In this movie there are plenty of famous actors and actresses but the main characters were played by the following names.
-Rachel Weisz as Hypatia.
-Max Minghella as Davus.
-Oscar Isaac as Orestes.
-Rupert Evans as Synesius.
-Michael Lonsdale as father (Theon) of Hypatia.

Agora movie review:
Watching Agora movie is a great experience. Actually, it tells about the ancient Roman education system. On the other hand the movie tells us about the city of Alexandria. The viewers like to see the real fantasy and conspiracy between Hypatia and her students. Watching this movie gives you a good bedtime enjoyment. It is a great effort by the director and producer to explore the history of astronomy and ancient Europe.

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