Angels and Demons Book Review

Angels and Demons: a great book to find the Catholic Church and its realities.
Angels and Demons is a famous book written by the Dan Brown. It is considered that it was the first Robert Langdon thriller by the famous Dan. The book was published chronically just before the famous book “The Da Vinci Code”, but there is no problem if you decide to read any book before other. The Catholic Church is the main theme or discussion point in both the famous books. The Angels and Demons is an interacting book describing the history of Rome and Vatican City. As a book Angels and Demons has great potential to keep the readers interested until they get any result from the facts and points mentioned in this book.

Angels and Demons review

Description of the Angels and Demons:
The famous book Angels and Demons is written by the Dan Brown and it was published in year 2000. The Simon & Schuster are the publishers of this book.  There are total 713 Pages in this book.
User’s reviews about Angels and Demons:
Most of the readers are impressed with the fiction and thrilling potential of this book. In most of the cases the conspiracies present in this story make the readers very impressed. On the other hand, the problems between the Vatican City and Rome were also described by the writer. It is a great chance for the readers to find basics and real facts of the Catholic Church. You are suggested to get and read this book in full peace mode.

Pros of the Angels and Demons:
Angels and Demons is a regular bed time reading book.
The readers will turn the pages of this book very fast.
In this mystery, the amazing historical and religious events play an important role.
There are numerous surprises given by the Dan in this book.

Cons of the Angels and Demons:
Those who know the graphic violence can get bothered by the descriptions given in this book.
The religious facts and elements given in this book may cause disturbance for the people especially the Catholics.
The end of this book is almost similar to action movies. It is far-fetched.

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