Covington Cross-Medieval TV Series Review

Covington Cross TV Series 1992 Medieval series review: facts, stories and characters are interesting for the viewers.
England is a fantasy for the historical events and stories. There are lots of events and stories for the people. Recently, the TV producers have started to make drama series on different popular historical cases and stories. Among these dramas the name of Covington Cross is very famous. The TV series was started and ended in 1992. Yes, it is an amazing fact about this series. What were the reasons? Let’s find the drama plot, characters and amazing facts related to the Covington Cross TV series 1992.

Covington Cross
Covington Cross TV series storyline:
The Covington Cross is a fantastic drama about the amazing life in medieval England. The story of this drama rounds for the Sir Thomas, a lady widower, and four children of the widower. Richard and the Armus are two muscular young knights. However the other two have no big role in this drama series. Cedric is a main character who is getting training to be the cleric. It was a wish by his late mother. Eleanor is a great competitor but she is facing lots of problems because of the sex. No doubt, she is great in horse riding and battlefields but she has not comparison with the Cedric. The main character Sir Thomas develops a sexual relationship with the beautiful Lady Elizabeth. The lady Elizabeth lives in a castle close the one Sir Thomas has. Baron John Mullens is a bad person residing in the neighbor of Sir Thomas. He continually plots to ruin the fame and value of Sir Thomas in order to take his lands.
Sites were Covington Cross was pictured:
Allington Castle is the filming site where this drama was recorded. Penshurst Place in the Kent is another famous location where most of the scenes were pictured. Numerous known and unknown locations were used for the royal scenes and plots.

Covington Cross cast and characters
Nigel Terry as Sir Thomas (the guy who played King Arthur in Legendary Excalibur movie from 1981) – Sir Thomas is a very honest medieval noble, head of family.
Ione Skye as Eleanor Grey – young medieval lady who loves crossbows, swords and horses. She participates in medieval tournaments.
Glenn Quinn as Cedric Grey – His father promised, the Cedrick will start carrer of a monk but Cedric loves girls too much..
Tim Killick as Armus Grey – Returning here from crusades, who was actually a cook in the campaign. Cooking and eating is his favourite hobby.
Cherie Lunghi as Lady Elizabeth – girlfriend of sir Thomas.
James Faulkner as Sir John Mullens. John is the real bad guy, corrupted, evil medieval noble. He still try to destroy Greys family.
Paul Brooke as Friar.

Covington Cross Medieval series

These are the famous artists playing in this drama. The drama is a combination of young and experienced artists. There are mature and teen artists included by the producers for a good display.

Famous episodes of the Covington Cross:
Numerous episodes have been introduced by the producers. However, the given names will be interesting for the viewers.
The Brothers.
The trial.
The plague.

Watch Covington Cross online:
No doubt, the TV series was ended in the 1992 when presidential candidate Ross bought all the rights of TV channel but this series is present in the memories of the people. If you are a fan then you can watch this TV series online. Just search this TV series on Google and play for enjoyment.
The series is maybe a little naive and historically unaccurate but family suitable, funny and i bet you will definitely enjoy it.

Covington Cross Trailer

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