Life in Medieval Monastery

Life in Medieval Monastery. History of monasteries, medieval monk duties, monastery structure and monastery life. Amazing facts anout medieval life in convent and nunnery.

The early monasteries were found in Egypt where the monks used to live all one but used to meet each other in chapels only. By the 15th century, the monks were spread all over Ireland. The son of a roman official St. Patrick was the person who led the monastic movement. He made the Irish to convert to Christianity.

Medieval monastery

Medieval monastery

These Irish monks further spread Christianity to Scotland, Cornwall and Wales. A monastery in Whithorn, Scotland was made by St. Ninian. More monasteries were established in the country too.

The Medieval monasteries were the richest landlords in the Medieval England. They dominated many of the churches so that the monks could live in them.

The daily life of the monks was all about reading, indulging in worships and doing the labor. The monks used to attend church and spend hours and hours in reading the bible. They used to do private praying too. During the daytime, the monks used to work hard in the monastery and its land. They used to do chores along with labor too.

The monks used to:
•    Wash clothes and cook food for the monastery
•    Grew vegetables and grains
•    Reaping, sowing, bind, haymaking, ploughing, threshing
•    Educating boys and novices
•    Provide medical assistance to the community
•    Produce honey, wine and ale

The Celtic monasteries were constructed on the islands that are isolated. That was because the monks liked to live in solitary. Today, there are no remains of the monasteries left in Britain. A change in the likes of the monks came with the Benedictine rule. Benedict wanted to make a community of people living together and working in isolation praying for the rest of their lives. The nuns and the monks there used to spend their lives in the church praying.

Medieval monk

In the coming years, a number of changes in the orders of monks and nuns were made. Different communities were established throughout Britain. The orders that were established were differences in the religious observations. They also differed in the strictness of following them. The very first building of the monastic settlement that was made was constructed with wood. Later it was re-constructed with stone. The reason for the re-construction of the building with stone was the chancel of the church. The monastery had been at the risk of catching fire. That is one of the reasons why the remains available today are made in Gothic style.

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