London Tower Trip

London Tower: An amazing experience of traveling to London. Report from my Tower visit. Visiting the famous medieval castle in London. Map of London Tower.

Tower in London

Tower-majestic medieval castle in London

As a matter of fact, there are lots of interesting and amazing places in London. All these places and locations are attractive and attention taking. In most of the cases the people prefer to see most of the attractions present in London. Actually, London is a popular city where you can enjoy hundreds of places, activities, things to do and destinations. Last week I visited the London Tower.

London Tower description-Majestic medieval castle:
The famous London tower is also known as “The royal fortress and palace of her majesty” in London. This tower or fortress is present in the central London at the bank of famous River Thames. The fortress is also close to the London borough of the tower hamlets. The fortress was constructed in the year 1066. At this time it was a separate part of famous Norman Conquest of the England. The name of this castle is just because of the white tower. The tower was a prison station in 1100. As a matter of fact, the London Tower is a complex of several portions ad buildings. Today, it is being used as a cultural heritage place or attraction in London.

Royal guard in Tower

Royal guard

How I manage the London Tower trip?
In order to visit this castle you need to set the timing. The castle is opened for a limited period of time. The timing depends on the seasonal conditions. For example, in summers he castle remain open for the visitors from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM. I purchased a ticket to enter in this royal residence. The value of this ticket is 20 Euro.

Services I used for the trip?
Remember, London is an advance city where there are different transport facilities available for the tourists. I used the private cab to visit the London Tower. No doubt, the cab charged more than bus service but I saved my time for the enjoyment inside the castle.

castle guard

Tower guard

Things to do in London Tower:
I enjoyed the great buildings present in this castle. There are different royal materials present in this castle. I also visited the personal restroom of queen of England in this castle. Things you can enjoy in this tower are given below.
-History of the London Tower.
-Things used by the royal members.
-Residencies of the royal family.
-Museum and church inside the royal castle.

Map of London Tower

Tower map

London Tower map


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