Marco Polo-Interesting Facts about a Great Traveler

Marco Polo: a short biography with interesting facts about a great traveler. Medieval travels and explorations.

Nationality of the Marco Polo was Italian. The famous traveler was born in the famous city of Venice in Europe.  Total lifespan or duration of his life is 1254 to 1324. In this duration he traveled half of the world. September 15, 1254 is the official date of birth of this famous person. The Niccolo Polo was the father of Marco Polo. Maffeo Polo was the uncle of this great explorer. In January 1324 he died when he was present in his native city Venice. According to most of the historians, he was around 70 years old when he died. Church of San Lorenzo is famous because this great explorer was buried there.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo inspired many people. In this list there are big names such as Columbus who discovered America.  It is said that the parents or relatives of the Marco Polo were fled in Venice city at least 100 years before his birth. There are stronger reviews that polo family was a developed one among the people who visited Venice for trade. On the other hand, most of the historians believe that Venice city was actually settled by the fellows of Polo family in ancient times.

The Marco Polo started his travel towards the China in 1271. Actually, he was intended to visit the holly lands of Persia and Tartary. In this great journey he was with his father and uncle. They spent almost three years in this journey to reach catchy (Old China).
At this time the king of China was called Kublai Khan. The emperor was living in Peking where Marco Polo met him for the first time. The emperor was so impressed with the Marco because of the great wisdom and knowledge about the world.

Definitely, Marco Polo was in travel from last three years and he was coming from the western society so he has great knowledge of different cultures, societies and religions. Kublai khan appointed him an envoy.

The daughter of Kublai khan was a good friend of Marco Polo. He decided to send a request to Kublai khan that he is willing to marry her daughter. The request was accepted and a fleet of fourteen ships was sent to Persia where Marco Polo was present at that time. After the marriage the Marco Polo returned to Venice where he lived rest of the time of his life.

Map of Marco Polo Travels

Marco Polo Travels


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