Museum of Torture in San Diego

Museum of Torture in San Diego. Tips on medieval and hsitory trips. Exhibition of torture and execution instruments from the dark medieval ages.

Medieval torture

The museum of torture is a house for the torture instruments giving short tutorials of the torture done in the human society.

America might seem as the finest city but do you know that over eleven thousand torture survivors are living in San Diego? Most of the people living in San Diego are the refugees from different countries who preferred living in the county.

The San Diego Museum of man (SDMoM) has tortured instruments. The Museum of Torture in San Diegoexhibits the dark side of nature and the tools used for making the human beings suffer.  Instruments of torture are the newest exhibition of the instruments of torture. The implements starting from the 16th century to the 19th century are exhibited here where stuff like iron maiden, thumbscrew, guillotine, chastity belt and rack are displayed. These artifacts have been lent from Museo Della Tortura, Italy for the exhibition.

The exhibition comes with a message. Torture has been one of the most crucial and deadly issues of the world. Seeing the iron maidens and racks, people think that torture is just an historical artifact. To be honest, torture exists in today’s world too.

Along with physical devices, the torture instruments also have some sections on the human rights, why torture is made, and why does torture still exists in today’s time. The San Diego Museum of Man does not exhibit the instruments as a spectacle of the middle ages and making people fear the artifacts. Instead the exhibition aims to make people learn about the human right issues faced by the people of the past and their relevance to San Diego County itself. Torture survivors from all over the world have come to take refuge in San Diego. Asylum seekers and refugees from states like Burma, El Salvador, Iran and Somalia have settled here. They had been tortured because of their religion, political affiliations and many other emotional and physical reasons.

There is a nonprofit organization that is working in coloration with the San Diego Museum of Man to provide rehab services to the survivors healing from mental and physical abuse.  Its name is Survivors of Torture, International.

Apart from displaying the instruments of torture, the San Diego Museum of Man also has mummies and other artifacts from the life of Maya. These artifacts are depicting a lot of information about the historical lives and the info they depict is worth learning too.

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