Normandy-Short History

Normandy and Normans. Short history of Normandy, medieval Duchy and home of Norman knights and conquerors of England. Map and pictures of Normandy.

Normandy existed from the ancient times. The Celtic tribes of the Bronze Age were replaced by the Neolithic that scattered in Western Europe and Britain before the Roman armies conquered it. That area is now known as France. Normandy now is a province of the north west of France. In the third century, Diocletian, the Roman emperor created a province that had its boundaries extended to Normandy. Normandy, Gaul and Britainwere under the control of Constantius.

Normandy map


Normandy was conquered by the Romans and the province was integrated into Gallia Lugduensis. In the 4th century, the province was divided into civitates. When the rule of the Romans ended in the 5th century, the Franks were the ones who ruled the area. They constructed a number of monasteries in the area and made the region much more civilized. At the end of the 8th century, the Vikings invaded the area and caused a lot of destruction (Rolo).  They started the Duchy of Normandy in the year 911. Normandy was made a part of France in the year 1204. Several wars related to religions were fought in the region due to which the area was destructed badly. Descendants of Rollo were the Dukes of Normandy, and following the Norman conquest of England in 1066 (William the Conqueror), kings of England (Norman and Plantagenet dynasty) till 1485 when the Tudors acquired the throne.

William the Conqueror 1066

William the Conqueror

Later in the 20th century, the Western Europe invasion started in Normandy. In the year 1956, the mainland was divided into 2 regions; lower Normandy and the upper Normandy.

The Normans had great affection for the sea. They brought about commercial prosperity in the region. By the mid of the 11th century, Normandy came to be known as the strongest states of Christendom.  The Normans accepted Christianity and they started speaking French.


Norman knight

Henry IV (Good King Henry) when passed the Edict of Nantes provided religious freedom to the Normans. The province then became economically stable too. Before that, there had always been a series of battles between the people living there. After the disruption of the Napoleonic Wars, peace was brought into the region. Sadly the war between France and Germany made Normandy suffer a lot. The region had to pay a really high price because of the conflicts between the two. Again there were a series of bloodshed. With the passage of time, the economy of the state recovered. The middle class people from Britain, France and other regions of Europe settled in the coastal resorts and the towns of Normandy.  World War I again destroyed the many of the towns of the region and tons and tons of people were killed. Now the scars from the battles have been healed and Normandy is prosperous again.

Normandy pictures

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.


Normandy today – Omaha beach.

WW2 Normandy

WW2-D Day in Normandy

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