Pillars of the Earth Book Review

Pillars of the Earth Book by Ken Follett Review. Famous book from medieval England is an excellent piece of historical fiction.

The Pillars of the Earth is a famous book written by the famous history writer the Ken Follett. The book was published in 1989 with basic information and details about the cathedral buildings present in the main Town of Kingsbridge, England. The book contain information about a person who was an expert constructor having no work. It was the 12th century and the Tom (main character) was searching for continuous profitable work for the life. The author of this book Ken Follett was famous for the thrilling novels and writings before this book.

The Pillars of the Earth Review

Important information in a summary:
We have made a list of important information about the Pillars of Earth. It will be easy to find the essential facts related to the famous book.   These facts are given below.

Book Author is Ken Follett.

ISBN Number is 9780451225245

Total Pages in this book are 973.

The book was released in November 14, 2007.

Publisher of this book was NAL Trade.

Genre of the book is Historical Fiction.

The Pillars of the Earth Review

International rating of this book is 4.5/.

What is important in Pillars of Earth book?

As a matter of fact, the book contains interesting story of a builder who was workless. He decided to take a contract of Cathedral development or construction in the Kingsbridge town of England. In this mission the constructor “Tom” faced lots of problems included the economical, social and financial matters. However, he was dedicated to the mission so he got the success.

Ken explained the dedication and history of the cathedral construction. In this book the readers can find amazing aspects and facts about the construction of the Kingsbridge cathedral. The book was extraordinary potential to keep the readers interested. Actually, the perfect management of the characters and fictions has played an important role to make the Pillars of Earth an interesting book for the readers.

The book is an excellent piece of historical fiction.

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