The Name of the Rose Movie Review

The Name of the Rose 1986 movie review. Crimi movie from the medieval ages based on book by Umberto Eco . Famous Sean Connery as an enlightened investigator of a weird medieval attrocities.

The Name of the Rose was a film directed by Jean Jacques Annaud in the year 1986. The film was based on The Name of the Rose novel written by Umberto Eco. The novel was historic and it was a mixture of the high and low culture.  The story took place in the 14th century in Northern Italy. Franciscan Monk, William of Baskerville and one of his trainees Adso reached the Benedictine Abbey where they saw a person dead. The story of the movie is mysterious. William takes the responsibility of investigating the case of death. The illustrator had died by committing suicide.

The Name of the Rose movie review

The Name of the Rose movie cover.

From this scene, it could be easily judged that there was something wrong at the abbey. Monks are responsible for making copies and illustrating the ancient books and manuscripts. They saw the body of one of the popular illustrators at a cliff. The death is found to be linked with the apocalypse. The monks then are convinced that the AntiChrists are responsible for the mess in the Abbey.

William being the detective has the belief that the deaths are not such incidents, they are murder cases and there is some connection of these deaths with the secret books stored in the large library of the Abbey. His investigation is hindered by the grand inquisitor Bernardo Gui who has been appointed by the Popes to free the church of the heretics. He presents his findings and saves that a peasant girl, a hunchback and herbalist are responsible for the spread of this evil.  William and Adso do not believe him and they search for the library in order to solve the murder cases. The movie also throws light on the methods of investigation of the medieval time.

The movie director has done a splendid job in portraying the story. There was violence, evil, obedience, love and reason in the movie. The thrill of the movie gave every reason to the audience to stay in connection with the movie. William’s dedication to search for the truth, his love for comedy make his character really lovable. Element of humanity is added when Adso falls in love. These are one of the enchanting elements of the movie that make it much more thrilling.

In the end it’s found that Abbey was a home to a number of books which were never seen by anyone except the librarian and his assistant. There was one book that was responsible for the deaths.


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