The White Queen TV Series Review

The White Queen TV Series Review. Love and intriques at time of Wars of Roses in Medieval England. White Queen series info, pictures and ratings.

The White Queen is a British television drama series that is based on the bestselling historical novel of The Cousins’War written by Philippa Gregory.  The very first episode of the series was telecasted on BBC One on June 16th, 2013. The drama series had 10 parts. It was broadcasted in the USA on August 9th, 2013 on Starz.

White Queen Review

The series is full of conspiracy and the story is associated from the wars of the Roses period.  There is thrill as there is murdering between families.  The story of the series revolves around three women who are caught in a conflict for the throne of England. The series set in the year 1464 at the time when the nation is at war in order to find the rightful king of England.  There are two families in. e. House of York and House of Lancaster that are in constant conflict with each other in order to get the throne of England. 3 women are standing in the quest to get power.  Their names are ElizabethWoodvile, Anne Neville and Margaret Beaufort.

This series is a great conclusion of the upcoming broadcast of the trilogy plays of The Hollow Crown by Shakespeare. These series will be depicting the chronicles of the king before Edward IV comes to power and it will have its grounds coming from the wars of roses.

The reviews of the 1st episode of The White Queen series were mostly negative. People complained that the show was hardly medieval. The series was considered awful. The entire series was shot in Belgium and there was no English grounds present therefore it looked dull and boring. The cast of the series on the whole got appreciation.

The Americans might like the series better because the Starz version of the series has more nudity than the British version. The Americans might not have much knowledge about the wars of roses on which the series is based.

Though The White Queen Has concluded but there is room for the 2nd series for sure. The novel by Philippa continued telling the story of Lizzie in the novel The White Princessdescribing her journey to become the queen of England.

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