Who Were the Franks?

Who Were the Franks? Frankish empire in early medieval times. A great history of the Franks and their famous personalities. Charlemagne.

There are many nations in this world having the great power and strength. Some nations are famous for the education and technology while some are famous for the wars and lands. Today, we will talk about the Franks. In this article we will also include the rise and fall of the Frankish empire in the world. On the other hand we will try to find the reasons and causes.

Who Were the Franks?
The Franks people are the famous Germanic tribe. They migrated towards the modern day Gaul from the main homeland. The Franks are pure Germanic so don’t mix them with the French. There are historians with believes that famous Charlemagne emperor was actually a French emperor. Remember, it is not a true fact.
In 287 C.E., the Roman Emperor Maximian (a life period of 250-310) started a military strike in Germania. The Salian Franks give up and become the subjects of Roman Empire. Roman emperor Maximian ordered them to move towards the Germania Inferior that is called Belgium today. It made them the first Germanic tribe who got the permanent settlement within the ancient Roman Empire.
Later on, the Franks got the status of powerful ally of the Roman empire. They provided several imperial generals such as Salia and the Arbogast. In the year 324, Bonitus took the charge of Roman militia as a first Frank. In year 351, Gaiso got the status of first Roman consul of Frankish blood. Vitta who was the close friend of famous Emperor Julian in year 362 becomes the Roman envoy. The Frankish were given rank of Flavius of Roman Imperial family because of the efforts they paid to the Roman Empire.

Important facts about the Franks:
There are some important facts about the Franks. These facts are given below.
Franks conquered the roman Gaul.
Franks were the one who restricted Islamic troops sent by the Umayyad.
Franks established the first medieval western civilization.
Franks developed basics of the monarchies of the France, German and Luxemburg.
They are the royal Heirs of the great Roman empire.

Frankish success
The success of the Franks is well documented and can be largely attributed to their tribe size and their strength in numbers. The Franks were formed from an alliance between several smaller Germanic groups and grew as we mentioned earlier, into possibly the biggest Germanic group of the time. The Frank warriors among them were the ones that fought for their safety and honour, protection and allowed them to grow into a dominant position.

Frankish warrior

Frankish warriors
Frankish weapons would including the typical Germanic spear as the go to weapon of choice, and the Frank spear was sometimes refereed to as an Angon
Alongside the spear your typical Frank warrior would also carry a sword or shirt axe and a knife for close quarters attacks when the spear was too long to wield effectively.
Franks sucessfully adopted strategy and tactics from Romanan what made them even more effective.

Frankish Empire
Frankish Empire was the first true medieval Empire in Europe. The empier contained the follwoing modern countries: France, Northern Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands. Golden age (carolinian period) came with rule of Charlemagne. Capital cities were Orleans, Reims, Aachen.

Frankish Empire

Map of Frankish empire

Charlemagne-Charles the Great
The Charlemagne was the first medieval emperor in Europe. He has a great impact on the European civilization and history. In his ruling, several development events were happened in Europe. He is the one who provided help against the Muslims. Pope  Adrian personally requested him to stop the invading Muslims in Europe.


Charles the Great-Frankish emperor


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