World Without End Book Review

World Without End by Ken Follett book review. The Pillars of the Earth sequel. Medieval book reviews.

World Without End written by Ken Follett is a sequel to one of his novels “The Pillars of the Earth”.  His book has turned out to be the best seller. Those who liked The Pillars of the Earth would love this book too.  Follett has a great art of drawing the characters. The book sets in the 14th century but the readers caught the emotions of the characters easily.

World Without End Review

World Without End by Ken Follett

The plot of the book is similar to The Pillars of the Earth. A young boy Merthin, his brother Ralph and his friends Gwenda and Caris witness a murder. The book then revolves around the lives of these characters. Sometimes Follett talks about Caris and Merthin’s romance and sometimes he shows abuse of Gwenda’s family done by Ralph. Merthin is a builder (just like Jack Builder from the Pillars of the Earth). He has some goals. He wants to build a bridge and a church tower. Caris is a merchant’s daughter. She had proven a great fortune for her family. Later she is forced by her family to become a nun.

The great thing about this book is how it looks into such phases of life that are hard to imagine. The last names of the characters have been taken from their profession like Merthin Builder and Madge Brewer.  Two more characters, Godwyn and Philemon were responsible for making the church into a conservative and wealthy menace.

The book has a lot of passionate romance. There is more sex in the book than the Pillars of the Earth. That’s not all, there is rape, lewdness and homosexuality among the monks and the nuns.  The violence and rape described in the book is not charming at all. It might be realistic but Follett’s claim that women who were raped begin to enjoy it was a bit frustrating. The book throws light on women empowerment. It sure is compelling for the modern women.  The role of Caris seemed a little dull. Her desire to work as a changing force if would have come true could make the story more enjoyable.

Follett’s writing skills have surpassed the level of Excellency.  He can tell more than a yarn. There is so much mystery and twists in the novel that it can easily hold the readers together to go through all the 91 chapters. That’s true for sure, once you will start reading the novel, you won’t be able to put it down until you finish it.

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  1. The World Without End is pretty good book. Great sequel to Pillars of the earth.

    LaraCroft75 September 28, 2013 at 6:33 am Reply

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