Borgias TV Series Review

Borgias TV series review. Borgias is as historic and fictional drama TV services they started in 2011 and ended in 2013. Medieval TV and movie reviews.

The Borgias series was created by Neil Jordan.  The series set in the 16th century following the Borgia family and the Italian dynasty of Spanish origin.

Borgias series

It begins with the rise of the Borgia family during the peak time in the Roman Catholic Church. It is all about the struggle of the family to maintain their power. The first season is about the election of Rodrigo Borgio who wishes to become a pope.

When the series began, it intended to showcase the rise and fall of the Borgia family. Rodrigo Borgio, the Pope Alexander VI wishes to convert the papal state to an Italian kingdom. He has a plan to dominate Peninsula under the dominion of his family. Unfortunately he fails to do so. Once he dies the fortune of the Borgia family ends. The one who becomes his successor wishes to purge Borgia influence from Rome for good.

The ending of the series was not liked by many. Many say it is ended on an awkward and incomplete note and the fans of the series believe that something was missing out in the end. From the final season it was clear that Bogais was again the victor.  Caterina Sforza the great enemy of the family is defeated. She wishes to take revenge from Ceasare for the murder of Giovanni and Juan for torturing her son but she fails.

It seems as if fans were not happy with Borgias. His ambitions were clear. Even with a greedy nature and immoral acts, he was rewarded with success. The greatest enemy of the Borgais family the Sforza family also gets exterminated. The story did not have any hero or heroine at all.

The show truly deserved a better ending. There was some chemistry between Lucrezia and Ceasare and so their love should have been taken far. They could create an outcome such that the popes conducting crusades against the Turks or Ceasare challenging his father and becoming a pope or something similar to that. Falling out between the son and the father would have made the series much more interesting.

I like the beautiful costumes in Borgias series. Jeremy Irons was far the best actor who appeared in Borgias.


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  1. Jeremy Irons was totally awesome in the series. I like the Lucrecia Borgia character but her acting was pretty poor.

    Lora T. September 26, 2013 at 11:56 am Reply

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