Brother Cadfael Book Series Review

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Brother Cadfael

Brother Cadfeal Book series written by Ellis Peters started in 1977. She started writing the book series during the end of her life phase. She had a long career in other writings she had worked on. She could write 21 books in the series only as she died in October 1955.

The book series revolve around the story of Cadfael who is a monk from the time of middle ages actively involved in solving crimes. The character of Cadfeal is not like an average monk. He was previously a Knight who fought during the Crusades in the Holy Land. After retirement he became a monk. With this life experience he is able to provide insights for the murder mysteries happening in front of him.

The public broadcasting series starring Sir Derek Jacobi as brother Cadfael are made after the Brother Cadfeal Book series. The Brother Cadfeal Book series of monks, medieval and detective mystery novels became much popular among readers.

Many of the characters in the books resemble to the real life characters. The writer had researched them well and they are historically accurate. They mostly belong to the time of the civil war between King Steven and Empress Maud in England.  The characters and their stories sure are fictional.  Cadfeal the medieval monk is the herbalist of his Abbey.

Each of the books has a lesson to give to the readers. The morals are often summed by Cadfeal in his statements.  He has been shown as a good man in the evil world. He has a strong belief in his religion Christianity and the Bible. However, on occasions he has made such statements that do not go by the teachings of the Bible.  There are flaws in everything in this world. The enjoyable reading atmosphere that is created and the inspiriting quotes make you forget these flaws however.

The experiences he gains from being a sailor and solider help him a lot in his monastic life. He has got a great sense of fair play and justice; he is a good observer and is energetically too.  The Abbots call him diplomat, detective, medical examiner and a doctor.  His knowledge about the world gets him into trouble with some of the doctrine series characters who seem to contradict with the materialistic world and the spiritual world of Cadfael. Those who have read all the book series would definitely be curious to watch the TV series too.

3 Responses to Brother Cadfael Book Series Review

  1. I liked the tv series with Derek Jacobi. He was so great in the role of Cadfael.

    Heather September 26, 2013 at 4:48 pm Reply
    • Yes, the series was pretty good. It reminds me Name of Rose. Medeival monk with brain who using logic in age of darkness.

      Lakatia September 28, 2013 at 9:09 pm Reply
  2. I like such books, Cadfael is not an action hero. He is a medieval Colombo.

    Tiery September 27, 2013 at 12:19 pm Reply

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