Da Vincis Demons TV Review

Da Vincis Demons review and info. Da Vinci’s Demons is a British American fantasy drama TV series. Medieval and renaissance tv series.

This drama series presents a fictional account of the life of an artist, intellect and idealist Leonardo Da Vinci. David S. Goyer was the one who wrote this series. It was developed and produced by the BBC’s adjacent productions. The first season of the TV series consisted of 8 episodes. The series premiered on air on 12thApril 2013.

Da Vincis Demons Review
The series is about an historical fantasy, the story of Leonardo who is inventing the future at just the age of 25.  He controls his thought and faith to set knowledge free. He has got sword fights; he builds flying machines and other amazing weapons for Florence. The young man is driven by the pursuit of a mythologized book that has knowledge of the ancient times. He struggles with the darkness inside him. He is a heretic who could expose lies on the religion. That’s not all, the series also includes some of the real inventions of Leonardo and his work as a military engineer for the Duke Milan and Borgias. There is a mystic in the series who guides Leonardo in removing the darkness in his mind and open up the fountain of memory that reveals stories of Mimisrunnr, Noethic theory and Aksahic records. When Leonardo sets out on a quest for the book of leaves, the Mytharc is formed.

The reviews by the critics over the series were generally favorable. The series certainly are not meant for kids. To be honest they are not even an adult show either at least that’s what most of the ratings say.  The character of Leonard is half Sherlock and half MacGyver. If you like history for the eye’s sake only then these series is meant for you. Those who enjoy watching history shows relating it to the factual history won’t like the series much.

The series shows Renaissance as the battle between superstition and science. A lot of science and creative work are involved in making the series. Not to mention the inventions are great. The series has been nominated for the Emmy award for its creative arts.

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  1. The series i pretty funny but the historical reality is very disputable.

    Fantaghiro September 27, 2013 at 12:20 pm Reply

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