Dirty medieval cities and the health issues

Dirty medieval cities and the health issues during Middle ages. Life in medieval cities. Medieval sewage system.

During the middle ages, the merchant class became a part of the medieval cities. Trade led to the growth of the towns because many merchants took shelter here. During the middle ages, the population of towns increased. The population growth was fast after the Black Death. There was an expansion in the trade routes. The transportation of goods was carried out by water because the condition of the roads was quite poor and dangerous too.

Merchants were the elite class of that era and they controlled the government of the town too. They often were in conflicts with the craft guilds because of power. As the merchants wanted trade stability, they provided support to the decisions of the King and made a strong opposition against the rule of the nobles.  The king also encouraged to expand trade as well as more towns in the country. Town charter was the major source of revenue for the state. As more and more towns were built, the Manor centered feudal society ended.

Medieval cities
Repair of the streets and roads was the responsibility of the householder during the era of Edward I. When the town councils took over after the end of Edward’s rule, roads were built on the top of the old ones without clearing them away. Because of this, the repairs used to break again. The roads of the cities were narrow and they were really poor in condition.

The system of sanity and sewerage in the medieval cities was quite poor. Drains were found open along the sides of the roads as well as in the middle of the streets. You might have dreamt about living a great life in medieval cities but in reality, the dirty cities of medieval can make your life miserable. Many of the stables were opened in the streets and heaps were created in the middle. There was no cleanliness, dirty water was thrown out from the windows into the drains. Such hygiene issues used to result in the spread of diseases often.

Life expectancy during the medieval times was very low. Infants and children used to die at a horrifying rate. As life expectancy was low, a boy at the age of 12 was considered old enough to take the oath of the king. Girls used to get married in their teenage. Women were prone to a number of diseases during pregnancy and after child birth too. The average age of people was about 40 years.

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  1. Life in medieval times sounds so romantic for us but reality was bit different from our dreams. Just imagine you have to share a room with pig, goat, hens and with several rats.

    Romanus September 26, 2013 at 10:19 pm Reply

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