Medieval Prague Tour

Medieval Prague tour. Prague is a beautiful capital of Czech republic. Prague has many medieval castles, chateaux, cathedrals, churches, towers, bridges and other monuments.

Prague is 1,3 million city located in the Central Europe. Prague has a great mix of Romanesque, Gothic, renaissance and Baroque monuments and buildings.
Prague offers also a top quality beer and maybe the most beautiful girls in the world.

Prague castle
Seat of Czech kings and presidents. One of the largest functional castles in the world.

Prague castle

St. Vitus cathedral is a part of Prague castle. It was built in 14th century in high gothic style.

Prague cathedral

Golden lane is an original medieval streat leading from Prague castle.

Prague medeival street

Prague Castle guard

Castle guard Prague
Charles Bridge – majestic medieval stone bridge over Vltava river
Charles bridge was built in 1346 by Charles IV. You can see the bridge in Knights Tale movie with Heath Ledger.
A walk on the Charles Bridge will present the interesting history of this oldest preserved connecting line between both Prague embankments. Special attention will be given not only to its beautiful sculptural decoration, but also to the Old Town and Lesser Quarter bridge towers.

Charles bridge

Old Town Square
Old Town City Hall, the Church of Our Lady before Tyn Churche, House at the Stone Bell, Kinský Palace, St Nicholas Church the Jan Hus Memorial can all be found on the square.

Old Town Square Prague

Old Town City Hall – seat of Old Town local government
The Old Town City Hall offers two tours. You can climb up the stairs to the Town Hall Tower and enjoy a beautiful view of Prague’s historical centre from a height of almost 70 metres. The second tour will take you through the city hall’s interior (a chapel with apostles, historical halls and a Romanesque-Gothic underground). No less interesting is the city hall’s exterior, dominated by the remarkable Old Town Astronomical Clock.

Vysehrad Castle
Vysehrad is the very first seat of Czech princes and kings, since the first coronated Czech king.

Vysehrad castle in Prague

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas square was place of rebellions of Czechs against nazi regime in 1939, against Soviet occupation in 1968 and place of Velvet revolution against commies in 1989.
The square features equestrian statue of Saint Venceslas a legendary czech duke and holy saint.

Wenceslas Statue
Petrin Hill
Petrin Hill is place of love. Couples in love visiting the hill for a walks, dating and for picnics.
The Petrin hill features copy of Eiffel tower from 1889 and a hall with a mirror maze.

Petrin Hill Prague

Petrin maze

Emauzy Monastery
The monastery was founded in 1347 by Charles IV as a part of his plans to unify the Greek Byzantine and Roman Catholic Churches.

Emauzy Monastery Prague

Vitkov Hill
The equestrian statue of Jan Zižka at Prague Vitkov ranks among the greatest equestrian statues in the world. The hill is a place of military parades and medieval tournaments.
Zzka was a hussite general in 15th century. His armies nevr lost a battle against several crusades sent by pope to Bohemia lands (current Czech republic).

Zizka statue Vitkov

Prague Legends
Prague has many legends from history. Prague Golem was a medieval robot like creature built by a jewish rabbi to help and to serve.

Prague Golem

Bruncvik was a legendary medieval knight with lion and with a magical sword. According a legend, his sword is hidden inside of Charles bridge and ready to be drawn if needed.

Bruncvik Knight Prague


Article sent by Petr of Prague.

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  1. I was in Prague last year. The city is totally wonderful.

    Mark, United Kingdom

    Mark Blair September 26, 2013 at 6:14 pm Reply
  2. The last two pictures: Prague Bruncvik and Golem are awesome.

    Luciasss October 17, 2013 at 6:15 am Reply

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