Medieval Raids

Series of raids in the Medieval times. Raids in medieval ages: Viking raids, Arabic raids, Turkish raids, Mongol invasion into Europe.

Over time, the medieval lands had experienced a number of raids. The Roman Empire in the early time was the Christian empire. Christianity was the official religion of the empire. In the third century, when the barbarians raided into the west of the German lands, east and west was split. The new barbarian invasions in the 5th and 6th centuries destroyed much of the Roman Empire in the west.  These invaders took control over the Western Europe. However the empire in the east survived a bit.

Arabic raids (Moors)
In the fourth century, the Egypt monastic communities became too much common in the Roman Empire. Later, the Arab invasion in the middle ages took place. The sole purpose of this invasion was to spread Islam in Europe. They got control of the Mediterranean through which they conquered France, Italy, Syria, Persia, Egypt and then Cyprus.
At the end of the 9th century, the power of the Abbasids and caliphs started to fade.  The dynasty of the Arabs ended in 1258 AD when the Mongol invaders came to Europe. There was just a change in the leadership because the Mongols had no intentions of forcing the people to convert from Islam. The Muslim civilization was not just the contribution of the Arabs. With time, as the Arabs conquered different people, different civilizations started to merge and new developments were made.

Viking, Magyar and Saracen Raids

Viking, Magyar and Saracen Raids in Medieval times.

Viking raids
The Viking invasion was the most prominent invasion among the medieval raids. The Vikings were the Swedes and Danes of the coasts of Scandinavia. These were the people who had survived by farming, fishing and piracy. The reason of their expansion was unclear. No proper record of their intentions was found. The only reason prominent enough behind the raids was to loot.  These raids ended by the death of the king Harald of Norway.

Turkish invasion and Crusades
The crusades in the middle ages were not less than a raid. Richard Lionheart started the first crusade. This was basically a series of fights between the Christians and the Muslims.  These invasions started in the 12th century. Total eight crusades were fought for the purpose of getting Christianityspread in Europe and get hold of the Holy Land. All these raids brought frequent changes in the culture and the civilization of Europeans.

Medieval crusades

Medieval crusades

Mongol Raids
Mongol hordes invaded Europe between 1223-1242. They destroyed Kievan Rus, Mongols pillaged Poland, Hungary and Croatia. Many of the conquered territories would become part of the Golden Horde empire. Mongol invasion has been stopped on eastern border of the Holy Roman Empire (Moravia). Unexpected death of the Mongols’ supreme ruler, Ögedei, and the retreat of his armies caused the Central Europe was not occupied by Mongols.

Mongol Invasion

Mongol raids in Europe


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