Sims Medieval Game Review

Sims Medieval Game Review. Medieval game, movie and series reviews. Sims Medieval can be described as a soap opera of the Middle Ages. Build your own medieval kingdom.

Sims Medieval Review

Sims Medieval

Sims Medieval can be described as a soap opera of the Middle Ages. The game was developed by the Sims studios. It was first released in USA on 22ndMarch, 2011 and then in UK on 24thMarch, 2011.When you start the game, you are given a king/queen of your choice, a small castle and an empty land. The game is not simple however. It is about quests. You have to make your kingdom better, helping families living in your kingdom the entire day. The game has a structure and a purpose of course.

When you will start playing, Patrick Stewart will introduce the fantasy of the game to you. After he is done, you can go about selecting the kingdom. The initial goals will be very easy. You will have to construct buildings first and then as you will play, you will be able to unlock new goals. After this, you will make a Sim. He will be your 1st hero and he will play some of the professions in the game. They can be that of a wizard, a blacksmith or anything else. The hero will be the ruler of your kingdom and he will serve as a monarch.

The game appears to be similar to the Sims 3. The Sim in Sims Medieval is created in the same way as in Sims 3. You have to make sure that your Sim does not cry himself to sleep. The game keeps you aware of how hungry or tired the Sim is. This will make it easier for you to use your monarch for accomplishing other goals.

There is no need to worry how your Sim will perform the first task he assigned. If the Sim is lonely or he is injured then he will make mistakes. His actions will get slower. With good meal and his first kiss, your Sim will be ready to accomplish all tough tasks.

The more quests you complete, the more interesting the game will become. As you progress, you will be given options to choose from the quests too. You can then choose the quest by selecting a different main character. Choose such character that has enough weapons and resources when you are going for some tough task. Your choice will influence the happiness of your kingdom so be careful. You need to keep your kingdom happy and secure during the whole game.

Sims Medieval Review

You can build your own medieval kingdom with all important characters like Kings, queens, bards, wizards and knights. You will definitelyvarious  medieval quests and stories.  The Sims Medieval is funny game from MIddle ages suitable for entire family.

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