Skeletons of Medieval Vampires

Skeletons of Medieval Vampires. Pictures of a medieval vampires found around the Europe. Amazing vampire ceremonial burials.

Medieval vampires: if the medieval people suspected a persons of vampirism they buried them with impaled hearths, heads and throats. Victims were found with tied hands and legs. Some skeletons have stones in mouth.

Vampire burial

Vampire from Czech republic

In 1966, a few kilometers from Prague, in a small village called Celakovice, archaeologist found several skeletons dating from the tenth century.

Medieval vampire Czech republic

Vampire from Poland

2009 Drawsko, Poland. Three graves were discovered in which the bodies had been subjected to very unusual vampire treatment. Two bodies of middle-aged adults had iron sickles placed on their throats. The body of a younger adult had been tied up and had a heavy stone placed upon his throat.

Medieval vampire from Poland

Vampire from Greece

In 1994, on the Greek island of Lesbos, near the city of Mytilene, archaeologists investigating an old Turkish cemetery found a medieval skeleton buried in a crypt hollowed out of an ancient city wall.
The corpse had been literally nailed down in its grave, with heavy iron spikes driven through the neck, pelvis and ankle. The use of iron and the practice of staking down a corpse are both well-attested in vampire folklore.

Medieval vampire Greece

Vampire from Bulgary

700 year old skleton with iron spikes jammed through their bodies. There are about 100 other vamp graves found in Bulgaria itself.

Medieval vampire Bulgary

Vampire from Italy

Venice, Italy. The skeleton of a woman dating from the XVI century was discovered in a cemetery of plague victims. She had had an a large brick rammed into her mouth prior to burial.

Medieval vampire from Italy
Vampire from England

Southwell, Nottinghamshire, UK. Skeleton dating from between A.D. 550 and 700 with metal spikes jammed through heart, shoulders and ankles.

Medieval vampires England

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