Babies in Medieval Art

Medieval pictures of babies, infants and birth. Kids in medieval art. Royal babies, saints and famous people pictured by medieval illuminators.

Picture gallery of Medieval babies

Birth of Julius Caesar
Birth of Julius Caesar, Bellum Gallicum (Netherlands, 15th century)

Forging a baby - Medieval art
Nature forging a baby, Roman de la Rose (Netherlands, 15th century)

Lion and baby - Medieval art
Lion suckling an infant, Smithfield Decretals (France, 14th century)

Medieval art-Rainbow after the birth of St Fremund

Rainbow after the birth of St Fremund, Lydgate’s Lives of SS Edmund and Fremund (England 15th century)

Medieval art-Birth of St Edmund

Birth of St Edmund, from Lydgate’s Lives of SS Edmund and Fremund(England 15th century)

Medieval art-Nativity of Christ

Nativity of Christ, The Hours of René d’Anjou, France

Birth of Alexander the Great-Medieval art
Birth of Alexander the Great, from Historia Alexandri Magni, Netherlands

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  1. Forging a baby is the best pic 🙂

    Historian71 October 18, 2013 at 8:15 pm Reply

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