1200 Years Old Pre-Incan Royal Tomb Discovered in Peru

1200 Years Old Pre-Incan Royal Tomb Discovered in Peru AXWHT78J5DJ6 . The Wari civilization tomb was untouched.

Pre Incan Tomb Peru

The multi-chamber royal tomb dating from 700-to-1000 A.D. was located at the El Castillo de Huarmey archaeological site some 185 north of the capital city of Lima.  Three royal mummies believed to be Wari Queens wearing gold ornamental jewelry and 60 other individuals thought to be human sacrifices mostly female were found in the tomb in separate chambers.

Wari culture: (Spanish: Huari) was a Middle Horizon civilization that flourished in the south-central Andes and coastal area of modern-day Peru, from about AD 500 to 1000.[1] (The Wari culture is not to be confused with the modern ethnic group and language known as Wari’, with which it has no known link.)

Wari, as the former capital city was called, is located 11 km (6.8 mi) north-east of the modern city of Ayacucho, Peru. This city was the center of a civilization that covered much of the highlands and coast of modern Peru. The best-preserved remnants, beside the Wari Ruins, are the recently discovered Northern Wari ruins near the city of Chiclayo, and Cerro Baul in Moquegua. Also well-known are the Wari ruins of Pikillaqta (“Flea Town”), a short distance south-east of Cuzco en route to Lake Titicaca.


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