Early Medieval Pictish Puzzle

Medieval news. Early Medieval Pictish Puzzle from around 800 AD.

Medieval Pictish Puzzle

1200 years ago Pictish artists carved intricate designs into a 7.5-foot-tall (2.3-meter-tall) slab of sandstone, perhaps to celebrate their conversion to Christianity. At the top they placed a series of very intricate and elaborate symbols, while the middle panel was decorated with an aristocratic hunting scene with – at the bottom – two large dogs and armed horsemen were depicted chasing a deer. The back of the stone was decorated with a cross. Unfortunately this was obliterated in 1676 and replaced with a inscription commemorating a local resident and his three wives.

Now an online game will challenge computer nerds to solve the archaeological puzzle: how to put together thousands of stone fragments to reconstruct the chiseled design on this 1,200-year-old Scottish monument.


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